Saturday, 17 April 2010

Me. That Is All

Hello fellow bloggers! woo.

I am ItsukiShadow (lame name I know but hey thats the Otaku life) a person that makes our fair Mr Mirage's life so interesting and fun.. Just plain ol' handsome me. I have been given such an honour with a free run on this... ahem 'happening' blog site.

But hey Rome wasn’t built in a day... and nor was the old crusader kit… the nightmares still haunt me.

Okay, I will be mainly Blademirage’s foil on this blog, but I will also be posting the updates of my Guard army how the conversion and the ideas are coming (more to come on that as you will see).

Well I seem to have taken enough of your.. ahem ‘valuable’ time take care and see you on the blogs